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It’s true, it’s not a competition.  For so long I lived in failure because I always felt I had to be better than “so and so” or “I would never be able to do that, there are too many others that are so much better than me”.  Is this you?  Not to worry, I still struggle too, it’s the world we live in and the expectations that have to be met by it.  When this insecurity surfaces we need to take a breath, “Be still and know He is God”-psalm 46:10-.  This is when we say, “God you called me, I will trust in you, give me your eyes to see the potential you see in me”.

The only reason I have gotten anywhere in life is by God’s grace.  I’m sure many of you can relate.  I have a friend who is a mother of “8”.  Yes eight, all hers and all blessings. When someone would ask, “how do you do it?” she would yell out repeatedly, “GRACE, GRACE, GRACE!”  Gosh I love her!  But it’s true, we all encounter times when we just feel like, how is this going to get done?  How will I ever do that?  These are the times you pray for God to lead you and strengthen you, and before you know it, that thing which you never thought you would get done, or the thing you never felt you could accomplish gets done.  What?  Haha, God - you are good!  That’s grace!  God’s grace is overflowing, so just receive it.  Trusting, having faith, and patience are key ingredients to receiving His grace.

It can be tiresome and exhausting when you always feel like you are up against something or someone.  And often it’s easy to burn out or lose hope because the devil has come in and taken control over your thoughts saying, “You aren’t good enough” or “You will never measure up!” Eghhhh (Talk to the hand)!  Stop living in the flesh and revert to the spirit.  Start letting God say what He needs to you because “it’s NOT a competition it’s a CALLING!”  He will rush in and His spirit will ignite you.  He will raise you up, encourage you, and prove you were meant for such a time as this.  You were made with a purpose!  Let Him accomplish things with you and through you.  All you have to do is this – “In whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord and not for man”-col3:23-.  This means with anything that you do, know it is a gift from Him and do it to the best of your ability so that it pleases “Him” not the world.  In knowing this, don’t only practice this for yourself, but also be the encouragement and the light He wants to bring to others.  It’s a calling, and each of our callings has a specific purpose for His kingdom.  Don’t be jealous of others in what they are accomplishing.  Praise them and lift them up.  We are “all” a part of “His” church and each of us makes up a piece of the body.  We should each support one another in the things we do.  I was telling a woman today in one of my classes about the website and the vision God gave me for it, then she says “ oh my gosh, I have had it on my heart to start a ministry too and I’m selling this (product) to raise money for it” then she handed me her card.  It’s exciting to see God’s hand at work and now we have both become aware of each other’s heart and are able to support one another and spread the good news of Jesus.

Don’t let the thought of achieving something that God has set before you seem impossible because with God all things are possible!-matt19:26-.  Stop looking at it as a competition and be obedient to what He says to please Him, so that He may expand His kingdom on the earth.  Persevere and let God’s grace flow freely.  Before you know it, He will have used you to advance His kingdom by many. “May your kingdom come, may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”-matt6:10-.  Enjoy life and be eager to touch His heart with every breath and in all you do.  God is making an impact in this world and He created “you” and called “you” to do so!  Believe it!

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  1. Crissie Whittaker

    Jenn, Thank YOU for your sharing your heart. You are Keepin it REAL, gurl! I just love you to pieces and love what God IS doing in you.. And in women in general! Keep em’ coming! <3

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